Become an Installer

We thank you for visiting our website ! As a possible new Installer please feel free to test our products in all aspects. If you want to compare our product to others, then please put them next to each other on the same panel, so that you can test them under exact similar conditions.

 We are focused to maximum durability (hardness) and to the lowest possible price level. Please compare our products with other producs, using both of these factors, visually best Quality and Best price.

Please realise that both of these factors are most important for you to stay afead of your competition !

These two factors will create the highest possible customer satisfaction on one side, and also important, will bring you the highest profit margin on the other side.

Our marketing strategy, as well as our ongoing development pipeline will continuously support you to keep you ahead of your competition. 

We hope you will make the right decision and are looking forward to welcome you soon in our family !

Welcome to NANO-CERAMIC®