Lake Country – Electrified White Sheepskin Light Cutting Pad

Type nr : 40200700
Description : Cutting pad
Used for : Polishing
Notice : Lake Country USA

The Electrified Sheepskin 5,5 inch  Compounding Pad is a soft wool pad used to polish out isolated swirls and scratches on all types of paint. Instead of polishing the entire vehicle, compound just the problem spots with the fluffy Electrified Sheepskin 5,5 inch Light Compounding Pad, only from Lake Country

The first rule of removing a scratch is to use the least aggressive approach that works. In other words, there’s no need to compound the entire vehicle to remove a 5,5 inch scratch! The Electrified Sheepskin 5,5 inch Wool Light Compounding Pad is ideal for spot polishing paint. Its small size allows you to correct isolated imperfections quickly and effectively.

The Electrified Sheepskin Light Compounding Pad is made by electrifying the wool to remove microscopic barbs naturally found in wool. The fibers are left in their fluffy state, rather than being twisted. The resulting wool is soft enough for light paint correction with a light duty compound, swirl remover or polish.

The Electrified Sheepskin 5,5 inch Wool Light Compounding Pad removes up to 2000 grit sanding scratches. Because of the softness of the wool, the pad leaves few if any compounding swirls. A follow up with a finishing polish and a foam polishing pad will completely restore the paint’s gloss.

Size Parts

5,5inch white      5-1/2”    5.5”    152mm