SIBC Gorilla Basecoat H9+++ 20ML KIT

Type nr : SIBC0020
Descriptions : Gorilla Basecoat Permanent H9+++ 20ml
Used for : Paint/Rims/Plastics
Feature : Non-hydrophobic

Advantages of Permanent Basecoat coating

  • Topcoats are more easy to apply
  • Enhanced hardness of the top layer
  • A smoother overall end result
  • Permanent Protection from the clear coat underneath

Technical information

  • This coating is especially developed for cars that are repainted or have a soft original clear coat.
  • it increases the total hardness of the top layer, by making a very hard foundation.
  • Works on bases from ion exchange, resulting in maximal grip on the cars clear coat, and on the hydrophobic top layer.
  • A fully healed layer is extremely difficult to remove, and will give a permanent protection for the cars clear coat underneath.
  • Suitable for paint, polyester (headlights), plastics and chrome. Not suitable for rubber or glass


Shake the bottle before use, we recommend to apply the car surface in easy to handle segments of about 50x50cm and use its corners and lines for overlaps.

Spread 5-6 drops on the mini towel 15x15cm using the applicator block underneath, and go over the surface in motions. 3 times you go over the same surface, and you need to see that it then is still a little wet. Wait till the wet lights up towards grey, (15 sec) then take the remaining residue of and buff it (use two towels for this)

Wait two hours before you continue with the application of SIO1, SIO3 or SIO5 , After 2 hours the SIBC base coat is 80% cured and ready to receive the top coating. After 11 days its full cured and and it is almost unremovable.

Packaging contents

3 Apply towels mini suede 15x15cm, 1 Micro towel 40x40cm, 1 Bottle Gorilla Basecoat Permanent 20ml

Storage and handling

1 pcs Weight 145 gram single carton size L45mm x W55mm x H102mm

16 pcs in carton A L187mm x W117mm x H205mm