Lake Country – Force Pads – Micro Polishing – White

Type nr : 40200401, 40200501, 40200601
Description :  Forced Rotation Pads
Used for : Micro Polishing
Manufacturer : Lake Country USA

Hybrid Foams White  (Micro Polishing)

High Quality Glossy Surfaces can only be cost-effective achieved with a durable and high-tech polisher pad

Hybrid foam is made specifically with small cells and solid construction to maintain the roughness occurring in chemicals close to the pad surface. These bearings are stronger than other pads, especially developed for FLEX rotation rotation (DA) and rotary engine.


Less Polish / Quicker results – Faster correction time as more polish stays on the working surface rather than being absorbed into the foam.
Pad Design – The buff backed design on the backside of the pad protects the backing plate from contact with the working surface, while maintaining consistent pressure across the pad.

Hybrid White Foam
Is a staple for polishing and leaves a perfect finish on many paints. The partially closed cell construction helps “smash” or “sandwich” the abrasive to the surface to maximize the result.

Cleaning the Pads

We recommend if daily use our system 3000 to clean the pads efficiently.

Size Parts

40200401     Force Pads 3,5inch white      3-1/2” FR-HWhite 3.5”

40200501     Force Pads 5,5inch white      5-1/2” FR-HWhite 5.5”

40200601     Force Pads 6,6inch white      6-1/2” FR-HWhite 6.5”