SI11 Concrete-Steel-Wood Coating 1KG / 2.205 lbs Transparent

Type Nr: SI11000 1KG / 2.205 lbs
Consumption: +/- 50-70gr / m2  1.8-2.5oz / m2 depending structure(1 KG  15-20m2)
Used for: Concrete, Mineral stone, Steel, wood, Fibreglass.
Application area: subways, infrastructure, office buildings,
hotel and private housing.

Concrete-Steel-Wood Permanent Coating System is a 2 Component Self Cleaning Anti Pollution-Corrosion Transparent coating what provides a permanent protection from the surface underneath..


  • Two simple steps Clean-and Apply
  • Coated surfaces have hydrophobic (easy-to-clean) properties, are protected against algea, and mould.
    once cured, the coating is bonding to the substrate permanently
  • Extremely resistant against chemicals including petrol, oils, fats, and organic solvents
  • Protects from UV-light induced damages
  • Graffiti is easy to remove
  • Superior anti pollution and anti corrosion coating

Will last for 15-20 Years


Suitable surfaces

Concrete, Stone, Mineral Stone, Fibreglass, Steel, Wood  surfaces,  other substrates can be coated as well, but compatibility needs to be test prior to an application.


Application information The SI11 system can be applied on steel-aluminium-glass-wood and painted surfaces . The SI11 system is transparent. The surface will be cleaner for longer, and the cleaning itself becomes less time and less expensive as special cleaning agents are unnecessary.

Make clean the surfaces thoroughly until the complete surface is absolutely clean. If necesarry use our Reactivating Pure Shine Shampoo in combination with a high preasure washer. Make sure that all contamination is removed we recommend to use our Steril Cleaner prior to the application, so that the sealant can bond properly onto a clean surface.

Make sure that the surface is completely dry before application !

This is a 2-Component Nano Coating System Mix bottle SI11 A with bottle SI11 B by pooring the bottle SI11 B bottle into the SI11 A bottle, or measuere by net weight in the ratio 4:1 and mix it very well. Carefully poor the mixed content into a sprayer bottle. or preferable an airless paint sprayer,  (with a 1-1,5mm/ 0.07” nozzle)

Layer thickness

Appr. 80 – 200µm / 0.1-0.2mm / 0.004-0.008″ after drying.

A minimum layer thickness of 80μm is recommended. The surface needs to be evenly saturated – even coverage is crucial for the system to work properly.  The application can also be done with regular compressed air spray guns, brushes or rolls.

Spray till the surface is saturated and let the surface dry Dust-dry after appr. 2 hours at 23°C / 50% relative. air humidity, touch-dry after approximately 4 hours,  85% dry after 24 h at 23°C / 50% rel. air humidity, the remaining 15% is fully cured after 7 days.

Be aware that mixtures can not captured longer then 3 hours.

Tool cleaning

The individual components as well as the mixed system can be cleaned and diluted with our Steril Cleaner

Cleaning of coated surfaces
Rough or large surfaces can be cleaned with our  pure shine shampoo and a pressure washer at appr. 80-120 bar water pressure using our degradable Reactivating Shampoo. . Depending on the amount of contamination the cleaning needs to be done more than once. Small amounts of residue as well as small amounts of contamination can be as last step be removed with our Steril Cleaner, in this case it is sufficient to use a clean cloth to wipe the contaminants off the surface. In any case the layer should not be damaged – if this is the case the damaged spots should be re-coated to keep the protection at the maximum level.

If the coating needs to be reapplied the surface has to be prepared by roughing it with a sand-blaster or polished with an abrasive compound. If the surface is designated to be painted a primer needs to be applied in some cases.

Areas of use
On facades, subways, boats, offices buildings, hotels and housing, NANO-CERAMIC®  Protector Coating System will last approximately 15- 20 years+ on the surface.

Recommendations for use
IMPORTANT: Before you use a Nano-Ceramic® product please make sure you wear suitable protection gear – we always recommend to use Masker and Latex- or Nitril gloves to make sure your hands are protected from any possible damage to your skin. With this product its absolutely necessary to use a chemical full respirator mask and paint suit.

Shake before using. Protect against frost and excessive heat. Do not use on hot surfaces. Before using, check suitability and compatibility.

Storage and handling
Store in dark and dry conditions at room temperature.

This product information can advice you only without obligation. Liability on our part can not be derived. Please check whether the product is suitable for your application. We will be pleased to assist you.

Packaging information
1 pcs Weight 1200 gram
3 pcs in carton B L195mm x 195mm x H235mm

1000 KG Containers – 1100 KG