Tire Rubber Gloss 500ml / 16oz

Type nr : TIRB0500
Description : Tire Rubber Gloss Restorer 500ml / 16oz
Used for : Tires and Rubber
Feature : Restorer Natural Shine

All bottles are sealed in plastic to avoid transportation damage and to ensure a proper reselling.

Tire Rubber Gloss Restorer
This Restorer is based upon an optimized, UV resistant formulation which restores tires and rubber trim into their natural appearance. The deeply-penetrating components provide treated surfaces with a long-lasting and original appearance.

Highly durable and Deeply penetrating Natural look Suitable for tyres and external rubber trim With proper maintenance  Tire Rubber Gloss Restorer will have a durability of approximately 1000 kilometres on the surfaces it was applied to.

Clean tires with a tire brush, make sure the complete surface is free from any dirt or contamination.
Apply circa 25ml on a apply pad and rub it into the surface,

500ml / 160z