NANO-CERAMIC, initially connected to an OEM Industrial Coating Company in Germany, moved to Indonesia in 2014 to serve the Asian Market and was starting up the first production line in 2015 with a range of products for the segment Consumer Automotive. The products are based on ceramic molecular compounds under its brand name NANO-CERAMIC, shortly followed with a production line for Industrial Coatings in 2016. 

In 2017 NANO-CERAMIC started a third production line based on water-based-molecular- sealers, to expand its sales towards the Automotive and Industrial markets. In 2018 a smart cleaning product line was introduced.

All products were produced under supervision of European management in a professional environment, in the low-cost archipelago of Indonesia, according to Highest Standards in Technology for an affordable price, where cost price reduction had full priority.

In 2019 a Permanent Coating System with 20 year durability has been launched towards designers, contractors and big real estate developers. The use of these long lasting protection coatings for industrial purposes is almost unlimited because they can be applied on all kind of materials like Concrete, Wood, Steel, Fiberglass, Steel, Stone, etc, and are perfect to protect metal parts and- surfaces (painted or unpainted), ships, oil platforms, facades of houses and- /or tall buildings, etc. The superior choice for surface protection.

NANO- CERAMIC products have been well received in the local Indonesian market since our starting point in 2015. End of last year we totally were grown out of the existing Building and combined with our wish to expand our sales in foreign markets resulted in the physical need for a significant larger operation.

With a focus on investing in the future and a commitment to continue the evolution and grow of our product offerings and customer service capabilities NANO- CERAMIC moved into a much larger and more efficient Building in the second part of 2019 where we can more than double our manufacturing, warehousing facilities and R&D activities.

At October 2019 NAN0-CERAMIC partnered with PT V-Kool Indo Lestari by which it got the financial backup needed to invest in further cost price reduction and in its goal to expand the business and to become a Global player.

In the 5 years since its founding NANO- CERAMIC has become well recognised in the industry for unmatched service, excellent products and an ability to drive revenue for its professional customer base. NANO- CERAMIC will continue to build product strength and value through the offering of innovative coatings !

About NanoCeramic
About NanoCeramic

NANO-CERAMIC objective is to leave a positive impression and has the intention to expand its brand all over the globe with having big pipe lines towards each of the regions this with exclusive importers  who want to make a difference in the industry. Thus, our philosophy is to maintain our easy to apply product line to be available at the most premium service. We built our value by maintaining guaranteed customer satisfaction and loyal relationships between NANO-CERAMIC and our Partners. Above all we are committed in dealing with all kind of services, professionalism and fair business conduct with ease.

NANO-CERAMIC is offering leading-edge nano technology solutions packed in a strong brand  where our customer can rely on, from time to time our existing products will be upgraded. As our comprehensive product range continues to penetrate in new markets, NANO-CERAMIC  is continuously striving to develop and to improve products in line with nano technology advancements. 

Our Partners will benefit from our lowest possible price, the latest technology and a highly reliable quality, as we believe that you can gain long term success in case you are ahead of the competition. Our products can only be purchased via a selected network of PARTNER / importers and distributors.


About NanoCeramic