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NANO–CERAMIC®, initially connected to an OEM Industrial Coating Company in Germany, moved to Indonesia in 2014 to serve the Asian Market and because of the tremendous interest/success NANO–CERAMIC® was starting up its first production line in 2015 with a range of products for the segment Consumer Automotive. The products were based on nano ceramic molecular compounds marketed under the brand name NANO–CERAMIC®.

The automotive industry is a fast-changing, dynamic and innovative sector, which demands high- standards and economical solutions. From premium-quality hardening for automotive components to protect against corrosion and/or scratch-resistant paintwork. In this way, a complete Automotive Collection was engineered, which collection is globally well-received.

In the meantime NANO–CERAMIC® has also become a leading supplier of cleaning and protection products towards designers, contractors and big Residential and Commercial real estate developers, to be used for almost every surface imaginable. From hotels to trains and from bathrooms to kitchens. Our durable nano- coatings are food-safe, easy to apply, reduce cleaning times and protect valuable assets. This collection of  products is well known / sold under the name Clean & Protect

After a three-year-long development, we are ready to launch during the 3rd quarter of 2022 our Permanent Coating System with 20-year durability for designers, contractors, and big real estate developers. The use of these long-lasting protection coatings  for residential and industrial purposes is almost unlimited because it can be applied on all organic materials like Concrete, Wood, Steel, Fiber Glass, Stone, etc, and are perfect to protect metal- parts and surfaces (painted or unpainted), ships, oil platforms, facades and/or tall buildings, etc
Our Permanent Coating System is the superior choice for almost any surface (protection)!

With the creation of this Permanent Coating System NANO–CERAMIC® can profile itself as the onliest company in the world who can prepare, clean and protect any surface in the most durable way.

The collection has been placed as close as possible to professional installers and their end-users, using a fully automated e-commerce multi-segment website where the end users can download brochures and can calculate online quotes, these quotes are received and forwarded to the nearest installer-store in the network.

In this way, NANO-CERAMIC® gives existing (automotive) detailers the prospect of unlimited growth and greatly reduced business risk by enabling them to operate simultaneously in multiple market segments with the same skill level as their employees.

In October 2019 NANO-CERAMIC® partnered with PT V-Kool Indo Lestari by which it got the financial backup needed to invest in further cost price reduction in its goal to expand the business and to become a Global player.

In the 5 years since its founding NANO- CERAMIC® has become well recognized in the industry for unmatched service, excellent products, and an ability to drive revenue for its professional customer base. NANO- CERAMIC® will continue to build product strength and value through the offering of innovative coatings!

All our products are manufactured at our production- facility in Jakarta, Indonesia to the highest standards with the best materials mainly sourced from Germany, as well as the rest of the world. Nano Ceramic never compromises performance or excellence in products.

We use green, organic, or natural ingredients whenever possible. Our R&D, manufacturing, and filling facilities are continually being invested in. This enables us to supply consistent and high-quality products, whilst pushing the boundaries of our industry to provide our customers with the latest technologies in their market.


We aim to turn all of our orders around within 7-10 working days, depending on the product and packing.
Customer service is our main priority, and we will always try to be as flexible as possible.

We will adjust our deliveries to suit our customer’s requirements wherever possible.


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